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Founder and writer of The Graduate 

The high of graduation disappeared almost as soon as I returned the cap and gown. I quickly realised that I couldn’t live off my dreams and I  had to get a job. I work in a Students’ Union as an academic caseworker. I spend my days helping students solve their problems and ensuring they are treated fairly. I have a passion for the student movement and helping people. I’m one of the lucky ones but my life isn’t perfect. I  have dreams and sometimes I still feel like university has short changed me. Post uni life wasn’t the party I was promised me. I wasn’t able to become a full time writer, I still live at home and the bank of mum and dad is firmly shut. Sometimes I find myself at my desk dreaming about what my life might have been. Then I realize that my life could still be anything.

I am committed to my personal development and I love reading about ways to become a healthier, kinder and more grateful person. I know longer search for happiness because I know that it’s a place I can never reach. Like most people I experience moments of happiness and I am learning to be content with that. I am happy to say that at 23 years old, I am no longer obsessed with possessions but want to create experiences instead. I want to travel the world, eat delicious food and get drunk while I dance the night away. I try to make the most of each day and live according to what I feel is right.

This blog is my success and my struggles. My dreams and my fears. Or should I say ours? I know I am not alone in this adventure of post uni life. Like university, there is no rule book on how to live. Struggle and success almost become one and each day is a chance to be different, do more and become what who we have always wanted to be. As I live, I write and try and make sense of my experiences.

I love hearing other people’s stories and am always looking for contributes for the Graduate Stories section. Leave me a comment below or like “The Graduate” on Facebook.

I hope you enjoy the blog


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