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o-woman-writing-facebook”A public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives as one issued by government, sovereign, or organisation” (www.dictionary.com)

Your twenties are a time of success and failure, love and loss. The last time I felt this range of emotions was my teenage years. This is why I am convinced that the twenties decade is a second adolescence, a time for self discovery.  Instead of fighting all of the change and uncertainty it’s time to embrace it. That includes the uninspiring jobs, living with mum and dad and the one night stands. It’s time to release the fear and guilt- you are building a life.

We are so good at over-sharing on social media, how many people have you seen prematurely announcing a business, pregnancy, or event before they have had time to think about it? Facebook is the not the place to share your life goals. The life manifesto is where you create a powerful life vision.

This blog will explore the different aspects of the life manifesto so that you can create your own.

What is your Mission Statement? 

All good manifestos have a strong mission statement. Remember, your not an organisation or a politician so you don’t need a catchy statement. Mine is simply ”To create an exciting life filled with passion, love and adventure”. Your mission statement will be the one thing that guides you through life. How many times have you struggled to make a decision on a job, a relationship or even a holiday? When you know what you want your decisions become much easier. Your not going to take a job that doesn’t align with your core values (which will be reflected in your statement) or start a relationship with someone who lacks ambitions if you have lots it. What does a happy life look like to you?

What are your strategic aims?  

A good strategy provides direction to an otherwise vague statement. My strategic aims are centred around career, health and wellbeing, relationships and adventure because I feel that those strands broadly represent my life. Your strands should become clear after you have written your mission statement.

Now you have strategic aims you need to be more specific about what you would like to achieve in those different areas. Under each aim write bullet points on what success would look like to you. For example, under my health and wellbeing aim I have meditate each morning. This is a success indicator and will help me evaluate my progress in this area. Try and make your success indicators as specific as possible. This will make the action you need to take easier to identify.

Remember, your life manifesto is a living document that should be reviewed, reflected upon and changed.

I think that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. As much as we are encouraged to be free and aimless (because that’s what your twenties are about right?) this brings unnecessary stress and anxiety. Creating a life vision gives you direction and helps you make meaningful decisions.