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By Daniella Nzekwe

There are so many negative stereotypes held about generation Y. The lost twenty-somethings that are stuck in low paid jobs, binge drinking their wages and staggering back to their childhood bedrooms whilst trying not to wake their parents. Let’s not forget about the young professionals living in shared accommodation but are still unable to save because of expensive rents. That life is the reality for twenty-somethings and there is nothing wrong with it. Do your best with what you have, that’s what I have always believed.

I am grateful to be in a decently paid job and on my way to buying my first property. I wish I could say that I sacrificed my social life so that I could save for a deposit but I didn’t. A generous inheritance means that I will be able to afford to step onto the property ladder. Despite the economic austerity, I am still managing to maintain a fairly carefree lifestyle. My mother has been begging me to save for the past three years and I have tried. I would transfer £200 to my savings account on payday- it just refused to stay there. It might have been an unexpected shopping trip or a deposit for a last minute holiday. My need (or addiction) to living life to the full means that I have to say yes to experiences, travel, food and tastefully furnished cocktail bars all of the time.

I have spent so much time talking to my best friend about saving. I often fantasize about what it would be like to have money in my bank account at the end of the month or be able to pay for a holiday in cash. However, I am slowly accepting that my dream of saving thousands of pounds is unlikely to happen. I enjoy spending my wages.

Experiences and Things

How many times have you read a quote that says ‘spend money on experiences not things’? What about spending money on both? I have always enjoyed buying clothes and handbags. When I started working I felt guilty about ‘’wasting’’ my money on these material things. I started to see my favourite handbag in terms of ‘’hours worked’’ or ‘’percentages of my salary’’. It made me feel very guilty about spending my money, although I still did. Last year I went on three holidays and felt extremely guilty about every single one. My mother didn’t help matters because she was always telling me that I travel too much. I don’t care about saving! I want to visit exotic locations, carry expensive handbags and drink Prosecco by the bottle.  What’s wrong with that?


A very controversial view on London’s housing crisis

Like most twenty –somethings I have spent the last couple of years living with my parents and complaining about the expense of moving out. Although I will be moving out soon, I will still have the responsibility of a mortgage, rising bills and my weekly shop. The scariest thing is knowing that I will be responsible for fixing anything that goes wrong because it’s my house. All of this responsibility almost put me off. Then I decided to put on my big girl pants and get on with it. Good things don’t come easy and independence comes at a cost.

The same goes for the current housing crisis. I know that people are being robbed in the private sector but you have two choices- pay your rent or move out of London. The UK is a big place and there are cheaper places to live. I know that I have probably made some cyber enemies but that is my honest opinion. I am tired of seeing so many of my friends depressed about the cost of London living. It’s making people forget that they are living in one of the best cities in the world. Now is the time to chase your dreams, explore your interests and make the most of what London’s social scene has to offer.  Whatever you need to do to make that happen, do it.

I am aware that this blog may come across as frivolous, let me know what you think? I’m not a financial advisor (I would be terrible); I am just a twenty-something that has decided to enjoy life instead of obsessing over every penny. I believe in positive thinking and the laws of attraction. I genuinely believe that I will always have enough money to support myself and enjoy my life.


  • Are you a twenty-something who is earning a decent wage? Let me know how you spend your money.
  • Are you a twenty-something living in expensive London accommodation? Do you think you could make practical changes about the way you think about or spend your money?