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  1. What degree did you do?

Fashion journalism BA (Hons)

What was your university experience like?

I went to University for the Creative Arts in Epsom Surrey so didn’t experience much of the ‘crazy’ university lifestyle and night life. I also worked 20 hours a week so couldn’t really do the whole bumming around thing. I had to work really hard to get my degree and come across some real challenges along the way which tested me as a person. Looking back I’m glad I chose to go to uni.  All the stress and sleepless dissertation nights seem a long long way away now and seem to have paid off!

3. What is your current job and how did you get into the fashion industry?

I’m currently Press Assistant at Ted Baker.

I got into the fashion industry mainly by interning during and after uni with numerous fashion companies from small niche start-ups to huge retailers such as New Look. I always knew I wanted a career in PR so tried to get as much experience as I could before I started applying for jobs.

4. What’s the best part about your job? 

One of the best parts is seeing amazing coverage in one of my favourite publications and thinking ‘I did that!’. There’s a lot of work behind it which goes beyond just sending out a sample.

5. What advice would you give to graduates who would like a career in fashion?

At the start of your career never turn down a role within your desired industry because you think it’s below you or the salary is too low. In fashion you have to start from the very bottom in most cases but quickly work your way up if you show your determined and hard working.  Also have a thick skin and believe in yourself!