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happiness is expensive

What is happiness and how do we get there? This is something that generation Y seems to be obsessed with. Happiness is defined by the individual who seeks it. In my life happiness has meant different things at different times. I thought that graduating would make me happy and it did for a while. Then it was getting a good job. I didn’t realise that all of these life goals weren’t mine, they belonged to society. We are expected to live a standard life, work, pay bills and complain about the government. Live for the weekends and hate Monday mornings. Then eventually die with regrets, wishing that we had worked less and lived more. What would happen if we decided to live now?

A life without limits can only be achieved when you are living according to your beliefs and values. We shouldn’t allow the media, the government or our family’s to distract us from living our most authentic life. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? These aren’t easy questions to answer. One thing life has taught me is that our direction constantly changes. The destination isn’t important, making the most of journey is. This blog will explore my ideas around living without limits and making the most of the journey.

Making the right decisions

Most people think that living a life without limits means being completely spontaneous. I don’t think that’s true. We all have to make big decisions about our lives every now and then. It’s easy to ignore them, I often do. When i’m faced with a big decision I try and get as many opinions as possible. This hasn’t been helpful and usually means I am further away from where I want to be. I have been desperate to move out of my parent’s house for the last 2 years. I really believed that living at home was stunting my personal growth. I became fixated on it. Then my life changed. My long term relationship ended and I wasn’t sure what direction my life was going  in. Suddenly moving out didn’t seem so attractive. I wanted to live with minimal responsibility and still have the company and support of my parents. Does this make me any less of an adult? This is one of the first decisions I have made by myself and it feels right.

Making decisions are always going to be hard because there are so many factors to consider. Although we would all like to pretend to be selfish, we do care about what other people think of our decisions. It’s normal to ask for advice but the final decision should always be yours. Now when I make decisions I ask myself; does this decision take me closer to where I want to be?

Creating Opportunities

I have always been told that I should take opportunities. Since leaving university opportunities have been harder to find. I think this is because I have become distracted by life’s challenges. A few weeks ago I stopped being busy and started to think about my life. I was in a job that had suddenly become tedious and I didn’t feel fulfilled. My one true love has always been writing and I have decided to pursue this. I have signed up for an 8 week introduction to journalism course. This is an expensive venture in terms of money and time. Despite this I know it’s time to chance the dream.

We are often made to think that opportunities are given by others. Sometimes they are but they are also created. This requires effort. You might have to spend hours on Google, talk to friends or follow up distant contacts. When something feels difficult the first thing we want to do is give up, most people do. Feel the discomfort and keep pushing for what you want.

Cutting the Cost

I have always been spoilt, so much so that one of my friend’s nicknamed me princess. I have expensive tastes and I like the best of everything. I felt like a rich girl born into a working class family. I had an inherent sense of privilege and this affected where I shopped and the people I would mix with. I was a snob without the money. I didn’t realise that I was missing out on great experiences just because they didn’t come with 5 star treatment. Recently I have decided to spend less and do more. This new attitude took me to Gambia in March 2015. The hotel wasn’t luxurious and we didn’t have lots of spending money. This didn’t matter because we were determined to experience a new culture. It wasn’t the best holiday I have ever been on but I returned to London with a new found gratitude for my life.

Living in the digital age isn’t easy and we are surrounded by images that we try to imitate. We have all had Instagram envy, that person we follow who always seems to be on luxurious holidays or buying designer clothes.That is someone else’s life and we will never know what they had to sacrifice to get where they are. You shouldn’t limit your life experiences because you can’t experience them in the way you would like. Like they say in fresher’s week, give it a go. You might like it.

Happiness is expensive. You will need time, energy and self-belief. You will need to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, say yes when you really want to say no. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life wishing that it could be different, neither should you. You have all of the tools to live a limitless life. You just have to trust yourself enough to use them.

What do you think is needed to live a life without limits? Please comment below.

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