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As a student I spent most of my time being reckless. I drank to much alcohol, I smoked to many cigarettes and my university blogs were completely uncensored. I knew who I was and I wasn’t scared to be myself. Throughout my three years at university I “found myself” in a variety of ways. I pushed the boundaries in my relationships, missed lecturers (choosing to plan party outfits instead) and spent hours with my friends. I was always told that university was the best years of my life and I was determined to make the most of them. Looking back, I do thing the uni years were the most interesting of my life so far but I couldn’t say the best. I think the best is yet to come.

The thing I miss most about university is the freedom. Knowing that you can do exactly what you want. Not caring about what others think and trying anything once. I found my first year of work very restrictive. I became caught up in the work syndrome. I would meet up with friends and spend a considerable amount of time talking about work. I would force myself to go to bed early and considered Sunday as a pre-work day. I couldn’t possibly go out when I had all of my food prep to do for the week ahead. My life had become obsessively structured and I found it difficult to be flexible. Graduate life had turned my into a “proper adult”. A person who struggled to dream, be spontaneous or take chances.

Working in a students’ Union is the nearest thing to freedom. I am constantly surrounded by fresh ideas, dreaming students and endless possibilities.  I have realised that freedom isn’t just for students. It’s a lifestyle, a state of being that only few people will allow themselves to experience. University opened us up to a world of possibilities, graduate life should continue to challenge and inspire us. Here are 5 student habits that I think are worth keeping…


Have a flexible schedule 

In our romantic memories of university, most of us forget that we had a schedule. There were lecturers to attend and coursework deadlines to meet. It’s the same with life. You are always going to have things on your to-do-list. For most of us that list is never ending. Between work, household chores and family duties, it can feel like there isn’t enough hours in the day. You shouldn’t spend your time trying to get everything done. You need to prioritise your tasks. This will give you more time to do the things that you love. Recently I have joined a gym and go at least two days after work. This is no easy task. My job is very busy and it’s difficult to leave on time most days. Despite this, I made a commitment to myself. I am a happier and more motivated person when I make time for myself. What is the one thing you would do if you had more time? It’s time to start doing it.

Maintain Your Social Life

When you work full time you can be tempted to spend most of your weekends at home. Don’t make that mistake. You don’t need to spend the whole weekend resting- you can do that when you sleep. Remember when you spent all night partying and still made that 9am lecture? This is a bit like that. You shouldn’t allow tiredness or money to stop you from having a good time. Why not organise a boozy weekender or VIP night out in town? It sounds strange but I find clubbing therapeutic. There is something amazing about dressing up, and dancing the night away with your friends. In all that laughing, dancing and drinking I say things that I find difficult to put into words. It’s also a chance to have some fun and be reckless. I always think excess is good in small doses.

Appearance is important

Is it just me or do people let themselves go when they finish university? Maybe it’s the pressures of daily life or added responsibilities of kids. It’s easy to lose interest in your appearance- I have many times. How you look is very important. It helps make a good impression at work and could even create life opportunities. Have you ever wondered why you can’t find success in certain area’s of your life? It might be time for a make over. Your appearance is one of the easiest things to change. This doesn’t mean you have to buy a designer wardrobe (I definitely can’t afford one), its just about being aware of what your appearance says about you. I find that I feel more confident about myself what I am happy with my appearance.  This is a touchy subject, let me know your thoughts?

Make Mistakes and Move On

How many mistakes did you make a university? I made lots but I started each day afresh, leaving yesterday’s drama’s behind. When I graduated I thought that I needed to be perfect. I was supposed to have my life sorted and if I didn’t, I thought everything would fall apart. As I’m sure you know, your life is likely to fall apart in the first few months after graduation. Everything you thought was true is a lie and you have lots of decisions to make. Some of them will be good and other’s won’t. It’s not a big deal. Every decision isn’t life changing and you shouldn’t think they are. I do my best to learn from my mistakes but sometimes I don’t. I often make the same mistakes over and over again. Why? I’m not sure, it doesn’t even matter. It’s all a valuable learning experience on our journey through life.

Keep Dreaming

Being a student taught me how to dream. Despite the challenges of graduate life, I continue to dream. My dreams motivate me to work harder on what’s important. I have lost friends since university. Some didn’t believe in my vision and other’s didn’t have dreams of their own. I surround myself with ambitious dreamers. They see the possibility while others focus on the limitations. This keeps me going on the hardest days. Do you continue to dream? You don’t have to share them with anyone, just hold them close. They might just come true.

Being involved in my Student’s Union Fresher’s week inspired me to write this blog. The new student’s looked so full of hope, ready to embrace whatever came their way. This is the kind of attitude we need to have in order to cope with life. The struggle is real but don’t allow the daily grind to grind you down. Your life is your own to live as you wish. Choose freedom.

Do you have any student habits that you think are worth keeping? Share them below.