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selling dreams


How does this picture make you feel? It makes me think back to a time of complete happiness. Future graduates live for this moment. Do you remember your graduation ceremony? Despite the nerves I was bursting with pride. My family spent the day glorifying me. I felt like my potential had been fulfilled. I honestly hadn’t considered life after university. I expected to be treated as a superior member of society because I had a degree. In my job interview the panel didn’t even ask me about it. As the months pass I feel more like a person and less like a graduate. Being a graduate has taken on celebrity status. Everyone wants it and people are willing to pay thousands to have it. When the cap comes off and the pedestal is snatched away, you realise that the graduate club isn’t exclusive at all. The graduate is ridiculed in the media. We are unemployed, lazy, entitled and on top of it all a lost generation. It’s time to stand up and be recognised for the intelligent and unique individuals that we are. We are not London’s tragedy.  It’s time to reclaim our lives.

Redefining the Self

Before you are a graduate you are a person. Over the past year I have had no idea who I am. I’m not on a module pathway and my life isn’t defined by an academic year. I don’t have milestones to structure my life and I can no longer pretend that binge drinking doesn’t matter. Who am I, who are you? We change daily. One day we can feel like we know ourselves and the next we are just lost souls. It’s time to discover old talents and lost hobbies. What do you love and what do you want? This is the first step in redefining yourself. Your degree does not define your personality, job prospects or your destiny. It’s time to stop trying to live up to this impossible ideal. Name one thing you do because you think you should? I try and keep up with current affairs because I thing that’s what I should be doing. Surely any decent graduate should take an interest in politics and culture? Wrong, I hate reading about politics so I am going to stop. My life won’t get graded and no one is really watching. It’s time to start again.

Finding Happiness

What is happiness? A promotion at work or a luxury holiday. Happiness is usually defined by material things. I think happiness is a place you reach when you are comfortable with life. When you wake up in the morning and feel happy just to see another day. We are unable to experience happiness because we constantly want. Universities are partly to blame for this. We were promised financial success and this hasn’t happened for most of us. Maybe it never will. Despite this, our happiness shouldn’t depend on it. In all things I try and seek happiness first. That is the only thing that will sustain you through life’s journey.

Live without a Purpose

Do you need to know what’s happening tomorrow or next week? We have spent our whole life sticking to a schedule that someone else has created. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and just see where the day takes you? Most days I try to live from moment to moment. I have scrapped all my goals until I reach a time when I feel able to achieve them. I think we put to much pressure on ourselves. You are suppose to get your dream job, buy a house and find the love of your life all before your 30. It’s to much pressure and we are setting ourselves up for failure. I’m not saying that you can’t have ambition or dreams but what about just enjoying now? We are never going to be this young again, lets have fun. I think our idea of fun have been distorted as well. Fun doesn’t necessary mean being reckless, it  could mean creating experiences. Travelling, eating out and dance until the sun comes out. That’s what I call living.

I felt that I need to write this blog to express how I have been feeling. Does anyone else feel that post uni life has become difficult/depressing? It will when we are constantly trying to live an extraordinary life because ordinary is no longer good enough. At 22 years old I can’t say that have seen much of the world or done anything really interesting. Trying to live the dream has become too tiring, I want to live life instead.