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Morning. Alarm clock.

By Bhavna

So you’re a graduate, how’s that working for you? How’s the job going? Oh sorry, I mean how’s the ‘sitting in your pyjamas all day desperately searching the BBC IPlayer for something interesting to watch’ going? Great. Have you been scrolling through Facebook? Seeing all those successful people with their successful lives enjoying successfulness. It’s beautiful isn’t it? But seriously, how long can you last before you hate every one of them? How long does it take for their little lives to be rammed so far down your throat that you’re choking, but you can’t help but go back up to the top to refresh the feed? Still in bed? Fantastic, that’s just where you need to be at this point.

Don’t be ashamed, we all do it, and if not all then defiantly me. But that’s just how it is; it’s the course of life for someone as lazy as we are. I feel I’m shameless to admit it. But there shouldn’t be any shame in getting up at 11am, there shouldn’t be any shame in lying in bed till midday and there defiantly shouldn’t be any shame in lying in bed till midday watching YouTube videos on your phone, because you’re too lazy to get up and get your laptop off your desk because you’re facing the wall and you’d have to turn around. And if you do turn around then you would be disturbing the balance of you bladder which in turn will make you want to pee forcing you to get up and got to the toilet (because you’re a lady and ladies don’t pee in giant empty coke bottles), which will mean you’re up for the day and it would be socially unacceptable for you to be up for the day and not be searching high and low for a job. But you just aren’t ready for that. Not today. But let’s pencil it in for next week; it’s good to plan ahead. It’s not like you have anything else to do today…

Don’t worry, you may be reading everywhere that its okay to find a few hurdles in settling into life after education, in the end it works out for the best. But I’m here to say that its perfectly acceptable, at least to me, to take a few months off to really get to know the real YOU. Get to know that person you become when there’s no rope left to cling on to, no wall to climb up and you’re left all on your own to fend for yourself. Still living with your parents? Mum still waking you up every morning? Good for you. Not everyone can admit to being at the bottom and feeling fine about it.