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wake up and live

I always find the start of a new year exciting and stressful. I like looking back on all my past successes and taking the time to appreciate how far I have come. On the other hand, I hate all sources of media in January. New year has transformed into another money sucking holiday, as people are told all the things they should want, be, do or have. It’s time to claim this new year (I feel like quite a rebel writing this on the 4th January) and make a commitment to achieving your personal best.

What is your Personal Best 

Think about all the things that you have always wanted to change in your life. Do you want to lose weight, get a new job or simply start saving for a rainy day? Write a list of all the things that would make you happier. Now cross off everything that is unrealistic. Everyone has different ideas about what’s realistically obtainable, so think about this carefully. You may be in a position to buy a house this year, whereas for someone else this could be a completely unrealistic goal. Your final list defines your personal best.

Eliminate Fear 

Now you have a list of goals you need to decide how you will achieve them. One of the biggest obstacles to achieving your goals is fear. We are all to worried about what other people are going to think and feel about our choices. I feel that family and friends often stop us from being our happiest selves.  Your choices may upset, shock and even hurt other people. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make them. You only have one life and you should live it in whatever way you choose. If you choose to live in fear you will be forced to live in regret.

Be Patient 

Learning patience is so important when you are making changes in your life. I personally struggle with this every day. I want to see results as soon as I start exercising or writing. It just doesn’t work like that. I have given up on so many things because I didn’t have the patience. There is nothing more disappointing then giving up on something that you really want. Think of it this way, time is going to pass anyway so you might as well work on your goals. Where do you want to be this time next year?

The Bottom Line

Why do I write blogs or share my thoughts with anyone? Writing gives me a purpose, it makes me happy and I feel like I can help people. This passion and drive I feel for writing can be applied to anything else in my life. I just need to make the effort. At 22 years old I am young, creative and  I could do anything. This is the time to change. This is the time to try everything and hope for the best. I don’t want to live with regrets and neither should you. I feel that the biggest gift that anyone can have is youth. It’s time to create your life.

*This year I want to connect with even more people. I enjoy reading all your comments and having discussion. Don’t be shy 🙂