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One of the best things about university was having the time and space to write. I spent hours perfecting a creative writing piece or re-wording an English essay. I was surrounded by like minded people and I loved debating novels in seminars. When I graduated I felt like I had lost a piece of my identity. Outside of this writing community I felt isolated and talent-less. I couldn’t face writing my blog or even think about starting my book. I now realize that I was going through a writer’s crisis.

Writers Crisis ” Temporary loss of writing skills. 

I was literally unable to write. I felt like all my inspiration had dried up and my writer’s journey had finished. As I settled into my new job I began writing quotes and blogs again. As my readership grew and more people shared my blogs  I realized I was making a difference. I was a writer again. Some may say that I went through a period of extreme procrastination. I felt like I couldn’t write because I wasn’t part of a community anymore. Writing was no longer a full time job and I was mourning the loss of that.

Am I a Writer?  

If you have a story to tell then you are a writer. You may only write down your hopes and dreams in a journal but you’re still a writer. Hemmingway’s quote embodies this idea beautifully. We all see and feel things and this makes up your own unique story. Living in the digital age has made writing so much easier. Our Facebook timelines are filled with stories. From our Soap commentator to the relationship guru. We tell stories everyday.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog is the easiest way to become a regular writer. There are a lot of blogs out there, so you need to make yours stand out. Show that you are passionate about your subject.  Unless you are writing on a specialist topic then you don’t need a lot of knowledge.  Stick to your expertise – your life. You can decide how much you want to share with others. Although, it is known that the most successful bloggers are an open book. Writing a blog allows you to practice your writing style and develop your own voice.

Get a Job that Allows you to Write 

This doesn’t mean that you have to go down the traditional journalist/ media route to achieve this. There are so many jobs that require people with good writing skills. At work I spend most of my time writing. I am often responsible for telling students life changing news and I have to phrase that correctly. I am not a journalist or an author sat in a darken study but I am still a writer. Don’t allow your writing skills to go to waste. You will have greater job satisfaction when you are using a talent that comes naturally to you.

Draft that Novel

Personally, this is a very important point. I used to think that I could never be a properly writer unless I had a book published. I was scared that people wouldn’t like what I had to say. This doesn’t matter. A story is still a story whether it is published or not. I will be writing my book because I feel my story is important. Even if it never reaches the masses it will make good reading for the future generations of my family. Don’t allow the pressures of publishing prevent you from writing your book.

I felt that I had to write this blog because there are so many about how to be a writer. We all have different stories and perspectives of the world, so it is impossible to have one unified guide on how to be a writer. I hope this blog has inspired you to pick up that pen or open that word document. Your story is valuable, don’t loss it.