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the fear


No matter how confidence most of us appear we all have personal fears. I find that I don’t fear physical danger as much as I do my own thoughts and ideas. What if I was brave enough to disagree with a common belief or decided to live a unconventional lifestyle, what would happened then? I have always believed that I have a special gift and I could use it to change people’s lives. My dreams are huge but I have trouble achieving goals. I have always thought it’s because I lack motivation. This isn’t true, one of my strengths is perseverance so it couldn’t be that. I have now realised that I fear both success and failure. This stops me from achieving my goals. Are you like that? Hopefully by the end of this post we can both learn how to manage these limiting beliefs.

What are you scared of ?

I often believe that my ideas are too big or they require to much money to make the work. Unless you are trying to invent a new product (in which case they need to be functional) any idea can work. It might not work on a large scale but you can start small. For example, if you dream of owning a cupcake shop start baking from your kitchen. This is cost effectively but you are still bringing your idea to life. But how can I be scared of success? We are all captivated by these rag to riches stories. Even if your idea doesn’t make you a millionaire, success could change your life substantially.  You might lose friends, move country or even become self employed. This is a risk that you have to take.

What’s your biggest fear?

Mine is writing a book that other people will read. Writing a book allows people to have an opinion on your story and ultimately you life. Everyone knows that a good story is intertwined with the author’s personal narrative. I have always been afraid of what people think of me. I have spent five years trying to forget a story that lives with me daily. I have found that my biggest fear has turned out to be my biggest dream. Is this true for you? If you are constantly worried about what other people think, you will never do anything. Although I don’t agree with the views of Katie Hopkins, I admire her courage. She doesn’t care about what others think of her. Once you begin to care less about what others think you will be able to do so much more.

How do I become successful and overcome fear?

Success is such an ambiguous word and the meaning varies depending on the individual. You have to decide what you want and then plan  how you intend to get there. I feel like the biggest obstacle to completing my novel is what others people will think. I can’t control the thoughts and opinions of others so I need to let this go. Think about your own fear and ways of overcoming this. I intend to overcome mine by dedicating a certain amount of writing time each week. I will not allow the invisible voice to silence my voice. Don’t allow the opinions of others to hold you back. Fear is something that we will all feel at different points throughout life. It’s about learning how to manage these feeling and still achieving your goals/dreams.

Does anyone else find that they are scared of success and failure? Please comment below.