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goal setting

How many of you feel lost?  Your not sure what direction your life is going but you are desperately trying to jump on the career ladder. Or maybe you are working but its far from the job of your dreams. I am the first to admit that many job titles are window dressing the the ugly truth, it’s just another 9-5. The reason you may be feeling down is because you have achieved your life long goal, to graduate from university.  The cap and gown are just a memory and your parents are starting to drop hints about rent. You still have the post uni blues. It is time to begin a new chapter and set some life affirming goals.

A goal is something that can be achieved by taking small consistent action. This goal must be measurable for example; you will know that you have lost weight when you can fit into a smaller size.  A goal must be specific and  have a time period or you could risk it turning into a dream.  Having dreams are important but they do not result in change. When choosing a goal you must be realistic and ask yourself if you can honestly achieve it. This does not mean that you can’t try and achieve the unthinkable. I use realistic in the loosest sense, as what may be realistic for one person might not be for the other. Never allow other people’s limiting belief stop you from achieving what is important to you.

 Setting goals sounds easy but in reality it is much harder to do. Maybe your someone who is really unhappy with their life but doesn’t know how to change it. The first thing you need to do is work out the source of your unhappiness.  Whatever it is, think about ways that you can change your situation. In the case of unemployment don’t feel that you can’t set a goal. You may not be in control of getting a job but you can do things to make yourself more employable.

 Another way to identify a potential goal is to ask yourself three questions: what do I want to be, what do I want to do and what do I want to have? This list can include anything, remember that no one else will be reading it. It is so important to be specific about what you want. Once you know this, you can think about the actions you need to take in order to achieve your goals. Remember that goal setting is an on-going life process. You may find that you lose interest in some goals and want to set others. This is fine. The whole point of goal setting is to create the life you want and reach a place of daily happiness.