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I have been working for three weeks and it’s all starting to feel overwhelming.  I have spent three years managing my own schedule, eating and sleeping at leisure and taking days off when I felt tired. Now I am working five days a week and my free time is very limited. Even if you are currently unemployed, your life has still changed dramatically. You have to adjust to your new routine and devote a certain amount of time everyday to being productive. What is productivity? Whatever your doing it means that you have to achieve a certain goal, within a specific amount of time. This could be job hunting or completing a task set by your manager. Don’t allow your new schedule to trap you. Time is precious and you need to start using it wisely. Here are a few tips that I am finding useful.

Decide What’s Important

This is something that we all need to do. Think about your life. Are you happy? Do you devote enough time to the things that are important to you? The truth is most of us don’t. Your current job or circumstance does not decide your future. If you want to pursue other business ideas or hobbies that are important to you, then you should make the time. One of the things I used to waste time doing was searching social media. It become an unhealthy obsession and it was my favourite way to procrastinate. I overcame this by switching off my phone when I was doing something important so that I wouldn’t be distracted. You have to ask yourself, how bad do I really want this? Decide what’s important to you and make those things a priority.

Get a Diary

When you have a busy life it is essential that you have a diary. I would recommend a hard copy, this is particularly good for people who enjoy ticking off completed task. I used to hate diaries; I always thought that organising my time by the hour killed my creativity and would make me boring. Rule number one, people who organise their time are more productive and feel happier. Eliminate that disappointing feeling that many of us get at the end of a day, when we wish that we had achieved more. Your diary is also useful for organising your personal life. You will find that you have more time to do the things that are important to you. Most importantly you can plan your relaxation time. It’s not healthy working all the time, you could burn yourself out.

Be Kind to Yourself

Getting used to a major life change will not be easy. You are going to be tired, get frustrated and want to give up. Giving up and sinking into depression isn’t an option. One of the best qualities that graduates have is the ability to persevere. You have survived university, let that be a testament to your strength and give you the motivation to keep going. If you are faced with difficult and challenging situations do the best that you can. That’s all you can do. Remember that you don’t need all the answers, you just need to be prepared to find them.

I feel that it is important to be open to change and willing to work hard. Tiredness is not something that we should be afraid of, but we spend most of our time fearing it. Being tired does not mean that you can’t continue to chase the life you have always wanted.  For those at work, take every opportunity to shine, volunteer to do extra work and smile even when you feel like going home. To the unemployed graduates, persevere and have faith in your abilities. No situation is permanent.

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