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This post is dedicated to the people who are desperate to fly but have their wing’s crushed by others.

We are always told that that individuality is a valuable personality trait, yet most people lack it. How can you maintain your individuality, when your surrounded in a world were everyone is encouraged to be the same? We are the media generation, celebrities dictate our fashion sense, while Instagram and Facebook tells us if our life is exciting or not. The childish need to be popular is still present in adult life. Many of us live in the shadows, adopting the ideas, tastes and mannerisms of others. How many times have you gone to a particular club/ bar because you think the “right people” are there. Despite the expensive drinks and terrible music you stayed. It’s time to find yourself.

Be Yourself

One of the personal goals of university was “finding yourself”. If anything I lost myself, amongst the various cliques and parties. Campus living is surreal and the normal rules of life don’t apply. Your real life has started and you can decide who you want to be. Banish those negative thoughts (How to attract the life you want) and start believing you are already your ideal self. If you are around people who don’t allow this new self to grow then you need to get rid of them. Rediscover your passions and do what feels right. Life is so much easier when you are living by your own rules.

Ditch Fake Friends

Do you have friends that make you feel that your ideas are silly; do you act different when your around them? These are not friends. The only time you should have to adapt your personality is at work. Friends should inspire, enrich and motivate your life. My best friends are like my life coaches. I don’t have time for associates (I have plenty at work). The best friends are those that push you towards greatness. They may not have a constant presence but you know they are always there. Positive people attract positive things, choose your friends wisely.

Be Assertive 

This applies to all areas of your life. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you disagree with something. Your opinion is valid and it will make you more interesting. When you live in the shadow of others, you are usually afraid to speak up. Now is the time to start. Have the confidence to put across your ideas and believe in your dreams. Don’t allow other people to belittle them and make you feel stupid. Assertive people are usually good at making decisions. Take control of your life.

This will be a long and uncomfortable journey but it is one worth taking. What better person to invest in then yourself? People change, fashion gets recycled and jobs don’t last for ever. Be confident enough to pursue your dreams and you will find happiness.

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