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love yourself

Most of us spent three years living on takeaways and drinking unsafe amounts of alcohol- wasn’t it amazing? Those memories aren’t just on Facebook but are also visible on your waist line. According to British reality star Katie Hopkins, overweight people look “lazy” and “unprofessional.” Can physical appearance really impact on your job prospects? I believe it can. Your qualifications may get you an interview but your appearance can secure it.  So it’s not just strippers and page 3 models that need to be body beautiful. It’s time to prepare yourself for the competitive world of work.

You Are What you Eat 

Are you constantly tired and lack motivation? This could be down to your diet. As I’m sure you know, junk food lacks nutritional value and is full of nasty chemicals. Like any other addiction, the more you eat the more you crave. It’s time to over haul your lifestyle. That doesn’t mean turning into a gym bunny and only eating salads. It’s about find a lifestyle that you can sustain and that gives you energy. This will make you feel more confident and you will gain a positive mindset. You will also notice yourself losing weight with minimum effort. All the resources you need can be found online, Google is your friend.

Dance your Depression away

Like most people, I have a love hate relationship with exercise. This used to mean that I avoided it all together, but now I prefer little and often. Everything should be done in moderation. I like to alternate my exercise between running and Zumba. Do something that gives you energy and makes you feel alive. Most of you will end up with office based jobs and you can end up eating all day (my first week of work proves this.) Learning to maintain a healthy weight affects more then just your clothes but also gives you greater sense of well being.

Set Timed Goals

A goal without a time frame is just a dream. I know that you are unable to control when you will get a job. However you can control how many jobs you apply for each week. As you know job applications are long, so make sure that the jobs you are applying for are relevant to your field (this could mean taking an admin job in your chosen field and working your way up.) In the mean time it is a good idea to think about the kind of life you want (how to attract the life you want.) Do you want to a standard 9-5 or do you want flexible working hours, so that you can pursue other interests/ business ideas. This is your life and you need to have a vague direction. Once you know this, it will be easier to attract the kind of job you are looking for.

Be Ruthless

What makes you difference from the next person going for the job that you want? If you know that you have a special skills or talent, highlight this in your application or job interview (How to succeed in a graduate job interview ) Don’t tell your friends the kind of jobs you are applying for or who the companies are. In the world of employment they are just another competitor. Feel free to brag about your job after you get one but not before. If you know someone who works in your chosen field, ask them if there are any jobs going. A lot of companies have vacancies but don’t advertise them. Even if nothing happens straight away, you may be kept in mind if anything comes up. The people who get jobs are usually persistent, ruthless or lucky. Give yourself the best chance.

You must be physically and mentally fit, in order to compete in the job market. The people who become lazy are usually the ones who end up as another graduate statistic. Don’t let that be you. I hope you have enjoyed this blog, if you have please share it with your friends.

Keep job hunting, remain strong.