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I have been at home for almost week and I am already bored. I spend my days in my pink leopard print onsie, watching telly and eating my parents out of house and home. Ah the joys of unemployment! Apparently I am still a student but it doesn’t feel like it. Lectures are over and I have moved out of university halls. That parallel universe where you can party five nights a week and sleep till well past noon. I couldn’t wait to leave and return to normality, but the truth is I feel like I have stepped back and its far from normal.

I haven’t lived full time with my parents for three years and I forgot how miserable they are. A cup out of place can be enough to spark an argument with me threatening to move out. They don’t say anything but allow me to strop off or slam the door because they both know I’m here to stay. Moving out is a distant dream, but I’m sure you will know that. Even when I find a job, I will need to save before I can make it on my own. The university dream has shattered and it didn’t even take a week. I have always been a major critic of university because I believe it doesn’t live up to expectation. Most of us haven’t made life long friends or met that special someone. You probably hated most of your modules and found comfort in over eating, in the privacy of your crammed room. The only difference now, is that you are swapping that room for your living room.

I have been applying for jobs everyday and thinking about what I want to do with my life. As soon to be graduates we are supposed to know what direction our life is taking. This is the time to live the life of your dreams and make more money then you could ever spend. Hold on to that dream. Although we are surrounded by unemployment and minimum wage you must remain hopeful, things could be worse. Now is the time to think about what you really want to do. The good thing about just moving back home, is your parents will be nicer to you. Hopefully they won’t be pressuring you into finding a job, so take advantage of that. Do some voluntary work or start thinking about how to pitch that business idea. The worst thing you can do is sit at home and become depressed. It’s time to create your future.

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