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Does this look familiar?

So your unemployed, living at home and waking up long after Jeremy Kyle has finished. Stop! Please don’t do this to yourself. If you carry on like this you will end up a depressed slob, with the highlight of your day being hearing your parents come in from work. It is so easy to become disheartened, applying for endless jobs and not getting a single response. I know you don’t want to hear this, but there is more to life then working 9-5. Of course a job would be nice, but the truth is right now you don’t have one. In the mean time here’s a few tips on how to stay positive and motivated.

                                                      Get up by 9am 

Being unemployed does not mean that you should sleep all day. The days of being a lazy teenager are gone and its time you started behaving like an adult. Even if you don’t have anything planned, its important to be up and dressed before midday. You probably have friends who have nothing to do, so why not meet up? Going for a coffee will get you out of the house and back into society. It’s hard to feel like you are living when your not amongst other people. Meeting up with friends, will also give you a chance to rant about your post university frustrations. Not to mention time to catch up on each other’s news. Even if you don’t go out, take the time to clean the house. It will keep your parents happy and they might be more generous with your graduate fund.

       Apply for at least one job a day

You are either an obsessive job hunter, or two lazy to even turn on your laptop. It’s not good to be extreme when you are looking for work. There are thousands of jobs online and you can’t apply for all of them. The first thing you should do is be specific about what your looking for. Then make sure that your skills/qualifications match the skills required for that job. There is no point applying for a job, that you don’t have the right qualifications or experience for. When you narrow down your search and apply for appropriate jobs, you will find that you can’t manage more then one or two applications a day. Remember quality over quantity. It is important to apply for a job everyday, as this will give you practice and keep you focused and motivated.

Live the dream at least once a day

Instead of complaining about boredom or becoming depressed, you should see this as an opportunity. When you start working you will have little times for developing business ideas and hobbies.This is the time to see if that clothing line could actually become a reality. The internet offers so much information, use it. Or if you are feeling really enthusiastic, you could go to your local library (another chance to get out of the house.)  Find a comfortable chair, or if the weather is nice go to the park and spend the afternoon reading. Whatever you love doing, take time out everyday to do it. If your really lucky you may turn your dream into a career.

   Go to events/social groups in your area

I have always wanted to set up a book club, but thought it was a middle age practice. Now that I know longer have seminars discussing books, I am going to get a group of like minded friends together and do it just for fun. What clubs and societies did you join while at university? If your like me and the answer is none, it doesn’t mean that its to late to start. You can create your own, or join established clubs. It is good to have a hobby and meet new people. Keep life exciting and do something out of the ordinary.

I hope that you have found these ideas helpful and can apply some/all to your daily life. Everyday that I wake up I feel excited to be alive. Everyday is another chance to change, live life to the full and have some fun. Don’t let a small thing such as unemployment get you down.

Stay motivated.