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Throughout life’s journey we seek reassurance. We look for signs, anything that promises things will get better and we will get our hearts greatest desire-happiness. Happiness comes in many forms, but for most of us it’s a feeling of complete peace with yourself and the world. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and it can feel as if we are living in a constant state of depression. It’s not hard when we live in a world that says money equals success. Isn’t that the reason we went to university in the first place? We live in an uncertain world, jobs don’t last forever and nothing is promised. The only thing you can control are your thoughts. Throughout this Blog, I will explore how your thoughts can change your life.

   The Law of Attraction

 Most recently, the law of attraction has been explored in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The law of attraction, is a belief that your thoughts manifest into reality. If you have negative thoughts you will live a negative life. Likewise, if your thoughts are positive that will be reflected in your life. The Secret, believes that you can use the laws of attraction to attain wealth, relationships and ultimately happiness. I am a realist, so naturally don’t believe that positive thoughts can produce financial reward. However, I do believe that your thoughts can affect your quality of life. Its the classic question of- is the glass half empty or half full? If you want to be happier, then you must focus on the good things in your life. For example ‘ I may not have a job but I have a loving and supportive family.’ Focus on things that you can change and accept the things that you can’t. In order to create a new life you must have a plan.

                                       Create a Vision Board

 A vision board is where you put all your goals and dreams. This can be a physical or virtually board, although I think a physical board is more effective. Buy a cork board as this will be suitable for pins.

This is how a digital one may look. Notice how there is space for all areas of your life. 

 On my vision board, I have a mixture of pictures and words. You can use magazines, draw or print pictures from the internet. The aim of this to have a physical picture of how you want your life to be. Place your vision board in your bedroom or your kitchen- you need to be able to see it everyday. This will keep you focused on your goals and give you a sense of purpose.

                                   Positive Affirmations 

 Affirmations are thoughts said out loud or in your head. I find it’s best to start the day with a positive affirmation such as ‘Today is going to be a good day.’ That will focus your mind and you will naturally become more positive. The first few weeks of positive thinking are always the hardest. You may find that your mind is filled with negative thoughts, but by having positive affirmations you will push them out. For example if you are socially awkward, you may always tell yourself that people don’t like you. Instead say ‘I am a interesting person and people like me.’ When you are in public it’s best to think these thoughts rather then say them- people might think your a bit weird. You will find yourself having negative thoughts from time to time- that’s normal. What you will find is your positive attitude, will instantly make life feel better. It’s time to be happy.

                                              Be Proactive

 Positive thinking is good, but there is more to changing your life then that. You should use this new attitude to tackle obstacles and create opportunities. What would you do if you knew that you couldn’t fail? Live like a child and read as if your still a student. Children do not experience fear and neither should you. Apply for the jobs/internships that make you feel nervous. Just because you have left university, doesn’t mean you should stop learning. This is your opportunity to learn about things that really interest you. Be creative, how can you enjoy life on a budget? Whatever you want to do, have self belief and you can do it.

I am sharing the law of attraction with you because I believe it works. Positive thinking has transformed my life and I am doing things that I never thought would be possible- you can to. It all starts with one positive thought.

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