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On the 26th of July 2013, I fulfilled a life long dream- I graduated from university. Throughout my childhood, I was told that only the really smart people got the chance to go to university. In secondary school I achieved average grades and was in the lowest class for Maths- it was and always will be my weakness. I struggled through college and got a offer from my first choice university, that is when the real work began. For three years I suffered with depression, binge drinking, erratic behaviour- otherwise known as YOLO and uncertain friendships. Despite everything I had a clear goal and that was to finish my degree and achieve my 2.1- which I did. The moral of this story is that you can achieve any goal, if you truly want it bad enough. Don’t allow the magic of graduation to fade and become another vague memory. Graduation is a defining moment in your personal life journey.

Welcome to the special society of the Graduates

I don’t know about you, but one of the highlights of Graduation was to wear a cap and gown for a whole day. It felt like I had been initiated into a secret society and had been given the key to life. The media and the government, have tried to discourage people from going to university by highlighting the cost and unemployment rate. Yes, I agree that university is expensive but it is an investment in your future. The only way to get ahead in a capitalist society, is to walk the well worn path of education. Your degree gives you access to greater jobs and the possibility of a career fast track scheme. Becoming a university graduate is a great achievement and you should strive to reap the rewards of your hard work by entering your dream job/profession.

Public Recognition Through the Graduation Ceremony 

 Do you remember the excitement and fear that gripped you as you stood in line to receive your degree? When your name was called the whole room broke out into applause- you were being public honoured for your achievements. The graduation ceremony is so much more then just receiving your degree. It is the end of a chapter and the start of a new one. Choose to use your new found skills to help others. For those of you who want to make a difference, now is the time to do it. You are a valuable member of society and have a duty to make a difference in your family, community or the world. The sky is really the limit.

New Beginnings 

 You are entering a new chapter in your life and most of you will still be at a crossroads. That’s fine, no one said that you should have your whole life planned. Use this time to reflect on your successes and think about what your passion is- this may have nothing to do with your degree. You are free from the restrictions of modules and deadlines, this is your life so set the pace. Don’t allow the tedious task of job hunting bring you down. This may be a good time to attend a self improvement course or read a few books. Maybe you just want an extended holiday. Whatever you do, remember that you are intelligent, dynamic and capable of achieving your dreams. University is part of your journey of self discovery, not the end of it. Continue to grow, learn and progress. Congratulations Graduates of 2013.

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