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Do you have a feeling of emptiness or a lack of motivation? A feeling of worthlessness and lack of energy? That’s how I felt for the first three weeks after finishing university. I sat on my sofa in my onsie and wondered what I was going to do with my life. Does this sound familiar? You have got the post uni blues. It’s like a period of mourning, and your mind is filled with sadness and negative thoughts. You spend your days reminiscing about the past three years, the best and worst time of your life. Even when things were hard you could cope because you had a goal, which was gaining a degree. Now you have done that, you life has no direction which confirms your biggest fear- that you won’t be successful.  Stop. Relax. This isn’t true, its your subconscious- which has been conditioned by society – telling you that your destined to become another sad statistic.

The media is filled with graduate unemployment, creating a national panic which results in students believing that they will never get a job. The loss of self confidence brings on feelings of worthlessness and eventually you will become depressed. Living in a constant bubble of sadness and you will begin to fear the outside world. There is no need to get to this point. You need to realise that even though there is a recession, the job market will always be competitive. You need to show an employer what makes you unique and why you deserve the job over another person. You need to build confidence and resilience, in order to survive in the job market and in life. Don’t allow the media to control your thoughts, this is the time to reinvent yourself.

 When you started university your were a naive optimist. You believed that a degree would ensure a successful life and you would earning lots of money. When you finished there were no fireworks or standing ovations. We live in a consumer society and we expect rewards in the material or financial sense. Right now you should be happy that your made it through, and are about to begin a new chapter in your life. Your degree classification does not predict what you are or most importantly what you can become. You are only  given one life and you must make the most of it. Don’t waste time worrying about things you can’t change. Pick one goal and focus on that. You don’t have to know what direction your life is taking. It will change direction many times, this doesn’t mean that you are a failure.

 Positivity is the key